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Super Gringa Chola or something…
November 4, 2008, 2:20 am
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My brother sent me an indignant email regarding this article: LINK

Overall I do think Mexico and Mexican culture does tend to be the face of Latin America in the US and it is something I’ve found sort of both amusing and mildly off-putting. Back in my undergraduate days, I made a good faith effort to join the campus Latino group. But I soon realized that Mexican culture dominated all of the meetings and events. I have nothing against that, but it’s not something I identify with. I knew I was going to quit when I found myself sitting in a smoky sage filled room for some Dia de Los Muertos ceremony and thinking “My Abuelos are freaking borderline atheists. This is ridiculous and not really my culture based in an urban Latin American city.”

So I quit going to meetings despite the excellent take-out and started writing a bitter column under the name “Token Latina” for a college paper.

I find inter-latino struggles kind of pointless really. I mean really can’t we all admit that we love pupusas and pan de yucca and call it a day? Not too long ago I had a totally ridiculous/antagonistic run-in with a Peruvian at a local art opening.* I was surprised it happened at all really. Ironically his friend, also a Peruvian, ended up asking me out.

Anyways I leave you with my brother’s response to all you squabbling Mexicans and Other Central American Countries:

In other words you all have it all wrong anyways…

“Un straw es SORBETE not pajia o popote
Un belt es CORREA not cincho o cinto
Popcorn isn’t palomitas it’s CANGUIL
Corn isn’t maiz it’s CHOCLO”

I’ll throw in my own: Pork is not cerdo, or puerco its CHANCHO!! (and it’s delicious!)

*To those not in the know: Peruvians and Ecuadorians are not supposed to get along due to border disputes that have gone on forever.